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Pawarumi the epic shmup releases on Linux

pawarumi shoot em up the epic shmup is available on linux beside window games 2017

After some intense work on their first project as indie developers. The team at Manufacture 43 is thrilled to release the first Linux release for Pawarumi. The games available already on Windows via Steam. But we’re Linux gamers, we want native support in 2017. Where we can dive right into this crazy shoot’em up. So brace yourselves, epic action releases upon us.

In a world now ruled by corrupt divine power. Players take control of the almighty ship Chukaru. Also unique in the way it combines energies of all three deities. So Chukaru will help you vanquish the evil and free the people from oppression. Or will you? Since a dark secret is yet to be known.

Taking the simple mechanic of rock-paper-scissors one step further. Hence Pawarumi enables the player to do double damage. While being able to heal itself or recharge its super attack. Simply by shooting with one of the three weapons. Which si done against one of the three types of enemies. Therefore this mechanic enables countless ways and strategies. So players can handle each level. First to beat the game. Then to reach the top of the leaderboard for 2017.

Pawarumi Trailer:

Pawarumi Features:

  • Unique Artistic Direction: Set in an unique mesoamerican inspired sci-fi universe and served by 3D graphics that gives opportunity for glorious cinematic staging!
  • Five Unique Levels: Each with its own twist and set in different parts of the world, from Alaska to New Zealand and beyond!
  • Trinity Game Mechanic: Three fused mechanics that enable infinite strategies!
  • Three Weapons: All unique in their own way, they take their energy from the blessing they got from the Jaguar, Serpent and Condor gods.
  • Super Attack: Also making the player invincible for a short amount of time. This combines the powers of all three regular weapons in one screen-wide blast!
  • Weapon Mastery Scoring System: never letting the scorers down, every run will get the score growing towards the top of the leaderboard!

Pawarumi releases now for Linux beside Windows. The games available now on Steam. While th retail price is set at $16.99 USD.