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Pawarumi getting the last level next week

pawarumi sgetting the last level next week in linux ubuntu windows games

Last week the Pawarumi update brought Linux and Ubuntu support. Now we are getting the last level. Since the recent update includes a lot of tweaks. Things asked for by the community via Steam Early Access.

Pawarumi is a modern take on the genre of Shoot’em Ups. Since the games a pure shoot’em up experience. But do note, this is not a Bullet Hell. Also the last level of the game is now playable.

Every level in Pawarumi as his original elements. These twist the genre in several ways. But this last level twists Pawarumi itself. The way Manufacture 43 uses the camera and the game mechanics is totally original. And quite different from the rest of the game. The reason why they chose to do so will totally make sense. Which coming in an update where they’ll finally reveal the story.

Pawarumi trailer for Linux and Ubuntu, Windows:

The Games new level

The last level of the game will finally be available, next week. This last level is proving to be tougher to create than Manufacture 43 would expect. Mainly because it is a lot more fun and original. At least over and above what the team originally planned.

In the meantime, Linux and Ubuntu gamers can rejoice. The developers are hard at work via Steam Early Access. Making the games experience worthy of your training on the first four levels.

From the beginning of the development of Pawarumi, releasing the game for Linux was on the schedule. Even with its growing community of players. Linux and Ubuntu gamers are still often forgotten by the game industry. Sice the devlopers have Linux users in the team at Manufacture 43. More and more developers should port their games to Linux. With support from the big actors of the industry – mainly Unreal, Unity and Valve – it became very easy to port games to the platform, as they could verify with Unity on Pawarumi.

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