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Pawarumi play the last level now on Steam

pawarumi play the last level now on steam linux and windows games

PAWARUMI is available now on Steam Early Access for Linux and Windows. So if you do not follow Shoot’em Up’s, pay attention. The games a modern take on the genre. While having just released the last level. So make note, PAWARUMI is a pure shoot’em up experience, not a Bullet Hell. Which means more skillset in the gameplay.

So this shoot’em up also delivers a challenge fair to all of the games players. Largely tanks to a flexible game mechanic and several difficulty modes. Finally opening a genre that was only part of a niche.

You’ve been training a little more than a month on the first four levels of PAWARUMI… Are you ready now to play the last level? It’s finally here!

Every level in Pawarumi as his original elements that twist the genre in several ways. But this last level twists Pawarumi itself! The way we use the camera and the game mechanics is totally original and quite different from the rest of the game. The reason why we chose to do so will totally make sense in an upcoming update where we’ll finally reveal the story.

PAWARUMI Trailer (Linux, Windows)

This last level has proven to be tougher to create than we first thought it would be. This is mainly because it ended up being a lot more fun and original than what we had planned at first!

This is the first release of this level and we are already planning updates to it to make it even better.

The games Patch Notes

  • The last level of Pawarumi, Sector K-7Z4-C0A7L
  • Legibility of the Xibalba level sees improvements
  • Distortion FX on explosions has a fixe. Since it now works properly at any resolution
  • Player’s Condor Laser is now a little bit darker for improved legibility of bullets
  • Fixing enemies not being hit just before the Dune Ocean Mid Boss
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks

So PAWARUMI is available now on Steam Early Access for Linux and Windows. That is, if you can make it to the games last level.

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