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Pawarumi shoot em up releasing soon on Linux

pawarumi shoot em up releasing soon in linux games 2017

Pawarumi is a modern take on the genre of shoot’em up’s. The games available on Early Access for Windows only as of October 23, 2017. Yet according to a recent Twitter post, releasing on Linux.

So although the games a pure shoot’em up experience. This is not a Bullet Hell. The core gameplay is developed around a principle called the Trinity Mechanic. So the development uses a clever new use of the good old Rock-Paper-Scissors. This mechanic also allows the player to recharge its shield. Charge up a Super Attack or increase its damage at any given time. The mechanic gives a new lease of life to the genre.

With a deep game system, that offers unlimited strategic opportunities. Also including shiny graphics blending pre-columbian inspiration with 90’s pop culture aesthetics. Voila Pawarumi.
Since the games coming from a successful Kickstarter. This is a true tribute to the Dreamcast age of top down shooters.

Pawarumi Early Access Trailer:

Since Pawarumi is going through Early Access. Development means the community has been building great expectations from Pawarumi. So now that we will have Linux support beside Windows. This is a definitive bonus.
Also to make sure Pawarumi lives up to everyone’s dreams. The devteam chooses to go through a quick Early Access phase. While this harvests as much feedback as possible. This will help them improve the game quality even further. With a final release around January 2018.

Working close to the community

Being in Early Access means that the team will release regular updates. With more content each time and will be acting closely with the community to improve the overall game. Giving it a highly polished level of quality. The communications with Manufacture 43 developers will go through Steam forums but also through their Discord server. Since it is open to everyone, including the usual social media reach out.

Pawarumi is available on Early Access priced at $16.99 USD. Releasing for Linux on Monday, November 20, 2017 beside Windows.

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