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Pawnbarian chess inspired puzzler coming this week

pawnbarian chess inspired puzzler game to release this week to linux mac and windows pc

Pawnbarian chess inspired puzzler game to release this week to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the creative efforts of developer Jan Wojtecki, aka j4nw. Which will make its debut on Steam.

Pawnbarian is a chess inspired puzzler with light roguelike and card battler elements. Where you take on the role of a warrior piece on a 5×5 chessboard. Now thrown onto the tiny dungeon floor with a bunch of enemies. Including bloodthirsty Capybears, imposing Golems, and eldritch Blightsacks. All due to release on September 24th.

You’re have a deck of cards representing chess pieces, while you play them to move your hero. The goal is to capture all enemies on a given Pawnbarian floor by moving into them. Doing so like you would in chess. Likewise, you have to avoid or shield yourself from their attacks. So this makes every turn feel like a one of a kind puzzle. Since you have to learn how to play around each enemy type with their unique traits. After each encounter, players can replenish health or upgrade cards with additional powers.

Pawnbarian Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

A single run is complete after winning several increasingly difficult floors. All coming together in a challenging boss fight. Pawnbarian is designed to be a short, bite sized gameplay. It’s possible to win in around 15 to 30 minutes. That is if you master the game’s mechanics.


  • Use a deck of chess pieces to hack and slash through hordes of monsters.
  • Pick up the basics instantly if you’re familiar with chess, or learn in minutes if you aren’t.
  • Carefully plan your moves to navigate tricky, emergent tactical situations.
  • Spend Pawnbarian treasure to upgrade your cards with better powers.
  • Blitz through quick 15-30 minute runs – or die trying.
  • Take on the infinite post-run Gauntlet to see how long you can survive.
  • Pick from 3 characters to conquer 3 dungeons, all requiring a unique approach.
  • Progress through Chains, a series of extra difficulty modifiers.

Not Features

  • No deep and varied builds – Pawnbarian is a puzzle game first and foremost.
  • Few external rewards – no permanent upgrades, and not much that needs unlocking.

There are also 3 characters to choose from. Each with a different deck and core mechanic. Then it’s up to you to conquer 3 dungeons with varied themes and enemies. Since each combination requires a unique approach. You can also take on Chains – coming with difficulty modifiers. Just be sure check out the current Demo available on Steam.

Pawnbarian chess inspired puzzler will release this week on Steam. Due to being priced at $9.99 USD. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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