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Pay once and get games forever – Infinity Bundle (Soapbox)

Really forever?

Yes, they really do mean forever. After you purchase a bundle, you will be given a VIP code to redeem on one Subsoap account. After this code is redeemed, that account will have unlimited access to all future games which we release. Not only will the account have unlimited access to all future games, but also will have unlimited access to any other paid content that we release on our site. What is that other paid content? You will have to wait and see!

Refund policy?

They have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy on our products, and this guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will get a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. With this guarantee, you can be confident in your purchases as you will have the knowledge of receiving a refund should you ever change your mind about the product.


You will have access to HTML5, Flash, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and any platform that we can support and will also allow us to deliver a copy to you directly. We would deliver other platform specific copies if the companies which supported them allowed us to do so.

What do I get?

You will be sent one key, or multiple keys if you purchase gift copies, to your e-mail address. These keys can then be redeemed on a Subsoap account to give that account VIP status on our site. By being a VIP member, you will have access to all content we publish on the site for free of charge.

Steam keys?

When we release a game on Steam, we will allow you to get a Steam key for that game from our site when you are logged in with your VIP account.

Check out the FULL details HERE…

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