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PAYDAY 2 co-op shooter has launched for Linux and SteamOS with 75% discount


PAYDAY 2 action coop #FPS #shooter has launched for Linux and #SteamOS. Letting native gamers wear their masks from the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – to descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree. And the best part, you can play for FREE until March 31st or taking advantage of the 75% discount and own the Game of the Year edition.

“Up to four friends co-operate on the hits, and as the crew progresses the jobs become bigger, better and more rewarding. Along with earning more money and becoming a legendary criminal comes a new character customization and crafting system that lets crews build and customize their own guns and gear.”

Having touched on some gameplay, PAYDAY 2 plays rather well on Linux. And even on a range of different graphic settings, there is no screen tearing with VSYNC disabled. A rather impressive port from Overkill.
The visuals of the game look fantastic, after all, we are are gaming on Linux. But it’s impressive to see how responsive the controls and mouse reaction feel. Far better than expected with a fairly steady 60 frames per second. Although Ultra Settings might bode a 50 FPS, this still makes PAYDAY 2 very playable on Linux.


Since PAYDAY 2 is now available on Linux and Steam OS, it is free for all existing owners on the Steam Platform, as well as consumers having previously purchased the Alienware Steam Machine. The Linux and SteamOS versions will additionally support Steam Cloud, letting users sync their save files between the different operating systems.

PAYDAY 2 is definitely free-to-play until March 31st across, Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC. So there is not excuse not to be playing right how.


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