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PC Building Simulator demo available for Linux

pc building simulator demo available new in linux gaming news

Whether or not you have #build your own PC for gaming or not. Over the past few years the #computers one builds on their own are those that are taken care of the best. Selecting which #components are needed, assembling everything all together, not exactly gaming news. But fitting that over-sized CPU cooler into the case, oh yeah. Which is both interesting and exciting, and only a bit terrifying – the first time. So you might be interested in trying PC Building Simulator [official site]. Gameplay is exactly what it sounds. PC Building Simulator is still in pre-alpha and quite basic but you can now try it.

The pre-alpha build is up on Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows, available as a pay-what-you-want with no minimum. And yes the build is definitely a pre-alpha, but there is a 64-bit Linux demo available for this solo project. Hence the work of a Romanian developer known as Claudiu.


  • Accurately sized 3D models of components.
  • Accurate interactions between them. Everything has a slot where it installs just like it would in real life.
  • Simple to follow tutorial that will get you started building your first computer, having components and procedures explained step by step.
  • Preview builds before starting to work on them in real life.

So the demo offers a tutorial, running through the details of how to put a PC together from the case up. This is a fairly simple game compared to something like Car Mechanic Simulator. Of there are no issues such as bending CPU pins or frying components with static electricity. Either way, it’s still satisfying to be able to put a PC together, even in gameplay.

Therefore, if you have never built a PC but wondered about the magic of installing the parts. Now you can experience this magic for yourself, PC Building Simulator will help explain. Maybe giving you confidence to build yourself a real PC. Please don’t blame us if anything goes wrong.

Since a career mode is planned for the future. Hopefully one day a simulation that gets more involve with functional electronics. Maybe something deep enough for diagnosis, puzzles and repairs like Car Mechanic Simulator.

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