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PC game Trine 2 now available for Linux machines


Finnish game developer Frozenbyte has made public a beta release of Trine 2 for Linux-based computers.

“We are excited to bring Trine 2 for Linux so close to the other platforms. The game debuted just 4 months ago on Steam and we’re happy to bring the experience now to the Linux gaming community,” said Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of Frozenbyte.

Hyvärinen then commented that his company decided to do the Linux port simply because they could.

“It’s not that difficult to release a great modern game on Linux,” he explained. “We have a few guys here at the office who are already using Linux as their primary operating system at home, so we see a bright future ahead for Linux. Linux users have also been a huge part of the Humble Bundle initiative and clearly there’s a big market for games and other software on Linux, and it’s up to us and other developers to make gaming on Linux worthwhile.”

That stated, Hyvärinen says that due to there being no advertising or marketing for the game on Linux, they don’t expect more than a modest earning from the port.

The Linux version of Trine 2 includes all the features available in the game, including online co-op. Once the game moves out of the beta phase, the Linux version will also be able to play multiplayer with Mac users. A variety of recent distributions are supported, including Ubuntu 10.10/11.04/11.10, Fedora 16, OpenSUSE 12.1 and Linux Mint 12.

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