PC Specs

pc specs for linux game consortium

PC Specs and recording hardware for Linux Game Consortium. Since you are the curious sort. Here is a full list of my current hardware currently in use.
Likewise, everything is detailed. Or at least as close to detail as possible.

Since the time has come to list everything we use. Particularly for anyone new or interested in Linux gaming. For that reason, it makes it easier to compare notes and troubleshoot. And as the community grows, we can also find workarounds. Since there are a lot of individual brand name parts that work well on Linux. And continue to stay reliable without any additional effort.

Due to running the website at my own expense. Each link also helps back the Consortium. Which means, anything you purchase helps me out. Including the ever-growing YouTube channel. And hopefully, we can continue to keep the website up and running.
So even if you decide to purchase something other than the hardware in our PC specs. Every (paid link) sale helps contribute.

And of course, any purchase is greatly appreciated.

Official PC Specs and Recording Hardware (paid links):

Also the current Microphone and very solid Microphone Boom Arm are benefitial to Linux Game Consortium.

If you have any questions, you can reach out on Discord. And also via the Contact form.