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Pebberley Island releases for Two Point Hospital

pebberley island releases for two point hospital in linux mac windows games

Pebberley Island DLC releases for Two Point Hospital on Linux, Mac and Windows games. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store. Thanks to the efforts of Two Point Studios.

We now have a new region of Two Point Hospital, Pebberley Island. This also adds three new hospitals. The seemingly perfect atoll of Pebberley Reef with its extreme weather. Overgrowth where you will build your hospital amidst the trees. All taking place in the sentient jungle.
We also have the stunning plateau of Topless Mountain. Since you have to clear hordes of sick tourists. All this as you cure 10 new visual. While working to cure 24 non-visual illnesses. This includes Wanderust, Blank Look and Screwball.

Sunglasses? Check. Map and compass? Check. Stethoscope?

Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Contains 34 new illnesses in Pebberley Island. Including some of the following:

  • Wanderust
    Prolonged feelings of sameness have led to dull. A tedious pain and a craving for adventure. The sufferer’s tendency to search for relief. Doing so in highly tricky, dull, activities. Meaning that they pose a great risk to themselves and others. At least until they experience some kind of payoff.
  • Blank look
    The sufferer’s facial features have receded out of existence. So in Pebberley Island they must be coaxed back. All using subtle, hydraulic machinery. Unfortunately, common amongst people pleasers. Also yes-men and crowd lovers.

To celebrate the venture to Pebberley Island. Two Point Hospital‘s second DLC releases on Steam and Humble Store for $8.99 USD.
Two Point Hospital is also 33% off on Steam until March 21st.

So for all things Two Point and not just Pebberley Island. Sign up for the Hospital Pass at While you check out the games new legendary Golden Bathroom Suite. You know, as a signup bonus. This includes the Golden Toilet. Also a Golden Sink and Golden Hand-dryer. So your patients can feel like royalty.

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