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Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand to bring epilogue

pecaminosa: a deadly hand police action arpg game is coming to linux as well as windows pc

Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand police action ARPG game is coming to Linux as well as Windows PC. Due to the dedicated and additional efforts of Cereal Games, the developer team. Which will expand upon the original release via Steam.

Think of Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand as a movie where you’re the main character, controlling all the action. 2Awesome Studio and Cereal Games have just revealed this upgraded version. Plus, it’s not just the original story you’ve got in your hands, but also the bonus chapter, La Soirée. Since this added episode ties up loose ends and gives a proper ending to some unsolved mysteries.

The email reply from 2Awesome also states, “…the answer is YES. There will be a Linux version day one.”

The plot happens in Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand, a town straddling the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s a hotspot for all sorts of shady stuff – gambling, corruption, and crimes are as common as sunrise. So imagine living there if you’re John Souza, a down on his luck former detective. Someone who now finds comfort at the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

In Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand, John’s life takes a supernatural turn when a real ghost, Charlie’s Two Angels, hands him a mission. He’s tasked with nabbing Charlie’s old crime buddies so Charlie can cleanse his sins and cross over to Heaven.

Imagine a dark, gritty film, filled with criminals and mysteries that test your ethics, all to the tune of jazzy tunes. Just remember, each choice has a price.

Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand Teaser Trailer

Now picture this, you’re in a suave suit, strolling down a dim-lit alley, and bullets are whizzing past you. You’ve chosen your abilities and your outfit with care, as appearance matters when trying to outsmart the bad guys. There are four attributes to shape your character – Luck, Intelligence, Force, and Endurance. Balance them well, as these will be your lifelines.

Your journey in Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand will also pit you against some fearsome bosses. Watch their moves, stay sharp, or you’ll be out before you know it.

But wait, Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand has more. There’s an unsettling feeling in the air that has nothing to do with common illnesses. It’s a mystery involving Pecaminosa’s upper crust, and something Sully, John’s partner, was digging into before he vanished. Follow the breadcrumbs, decipher new hints, and reveal what really happened to Sully.

So get ready for a whirlwind police action ARPG experience in Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand. Where every choice counts and every secret untraveled brings you closer to the truth. It’s more than just a way to pass the time; it’s a thrilling, deep journey you won’t want to miss. It’s available for you to dive into this Summer on Steam.
Get ready for Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand and play the base title. The police action ARPG is priced at $14.99 USD / £11.39 / 14,99€. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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