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Pecaminosa getting a new content update: La Soirée

pecaminosa action rpg game is getting a new content update la soirée on linux mac windows pc

Pecaminosa action RPG game is getting a new content update: La Soirée on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing creative efforts of developer Cereal Games. Which is due to arrive on Steam.

The Pecaminosa action RPG with noir aesthetics is due to receive a new content update, La Soirée. Since this closes the main case of the game. All while introducing new areas, new mini-games, a new boss, and several alternative endings.

If you like noir style, detective stories, and why not, ghost tales, and you’re a pixel lover. Pecaminosa has all that and much more. Character evolution, several types of weaponry. Including melee attacks and dodges. There are also secret areas, rewards for finishing off certain enemies. As well as final bosses. The gameplay certainly has it all!

Pecaminosa – Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

John Souza has been through (literal!) hell in Pecaminosa. But he still needs to tie one loose end. La Soirée will let you find out what really happened to his old partner Brian Sullivan.

On each stone turned to find Brian, the ex-detective will find traces to a clandestine network of human organ betting. And will have to play with his heart on his sleeve to win against tyranny and the immor(t)ality of Pecaminosa’s most elite citizens.

Something very threatening hangs in Pecaminosa’s air, and it’s not syphilis. It is something sordid, tyrannical, and visceral that Brian Sullivan was investigating before he vanished. It points to the highest strata of the city’s society. Time to “discipline” the elite, find Sully, and get the answers to every question unanswered.

La Soirée main features:

  • New areas and characters: There’s new places to investigate and more characters to interact with. You just have to avoid dying in Pecaminosa.
  • New minigames: on top of Blackjack, now there’s Poker and Slot Machines at casinos! Spending or winning… A simple matter of talent and perspective.
  • Boss Battles: A new, unkown and fearsome boss awaits in Pecaminosa. And he looks pretty confident…
  • Different endings: You own the story… But how you read it, will dictate its ending.
  • Epilogue: Close the case. See the whole picture. Tie up the loose ends of a surprising and supernatural story that will prove to you just how weak the flesh is…
  • Two or more tries at jokes: We keep trying…

The new content update: La Soirée for Pecaminosa is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The action RPG will then close the main case of the game. Due to arrive via Steam.

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