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Pecaminosa noir action RPG gets native support

pecaminosa noir action rpg games available with support on linux and mac windows pc

Pecaminosa noir action RPG games available with native support on Linux and Mac besides Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cereal Games. Which is available now via Steam.

The Action RPG with a noir look created by Cereal Games is already available on Windows PC. However, due to a recent announcement on Steam, the games out on Linux and Mac too. Offering native gamers a chance to delve into the adventures of Pecaminosa. Without having to resort to Proton.

If you like noir style, detective stories, ghost tales, and you’re a pixel lover. Well then, Pecaminosa has all that and much more. Character evolution, several types of weaponry, melee attacks, and dodges. There are also secret areas, rewards for finishing off certain enemies, final bosses… it has it all!

John Souza, a former cop, and newly appointed local drunk has an unexpected visitor from the past. This comes in the form of the ghost of Charlie “Two Angels”. A fallen mob boss appears before Souza with a proposition. Help him capture his former associates, so he can redeem himself, and be allowed unto Heaven.
Hell, that sounds easy, right?… Maybe too easy…

Pecaminosa – Trailer

The player will be able to freely explore a typical city of the 1940’s with a stunning level of detail. This is also very obvious in the interior of the buildings, decorated with touches of vintage jazz inspired by film noir classics.

While being able to explore different playstyles with the LIFE System. So that everyone that gets to play Pecaminosa will also be able to customize the main protagonist. Offering a large variety of weapons and apparel, per the Indiegogo campaign. As well as also being able to enter casinos and play gambling mini-games.

The people behind Cereal Games don’t hide their influences when creating Pecaminosa. Since they describe their creation as a mix between Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the imaginary of Orson Welles. The aim of their game is to provide a unique and impactful experience to the players.

Pecaminosa leans on the view, mechanics, and objectives of the third Legend of Zelda game. While adding the tension, drama and ambience of the film noir genre, like Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil.

Main features:

  • Unique ambience: Film noir setting with an original jazz soundtrack. All due to make you fall in love…
  • Mini-games: Want to take home the pot playing Blackjack? Be our guest…The tables are still hot.
  • Guns and apparel: Customize your Pecaminosa character’s weapons and clothing. Evolving them through the L.I.F.E. System.
  • Boss battles: Let’s raise a glass or two to the good old times! Besides taking part in an intense and dashing story. You also get to fight against big, bad, bosses!

Pecaminosa noir action RPG games available on Steam. Along with support for Linux and Mac, along with Windows PC. The release is priced at $14.99 USD.

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