Pendula Swing adventure and Wishlist support

pendula swing adventure and wishlist support in linux mac windows games

Pendula Swing adventure needs Wishlist love in Steam games for Linux support. This is an episodic point and click title. The games developer has some surprising news about Linux support. Plus the game is discounted right now on Steam.

Linux Support:

“We’re using Unity for Pendula Swing. So technically a Linux port isn’t impossible. It’s simply a matter of time needed to port and test.
You’re actually the first to ask for a Linux version. So it depends on if we see a continued interest that can motivate the time invested.”

So this is some good news. Since the Steam page shows Mac and Windows support. And Unity 3D is the game engine of choice. So a Linux port should be a given. But developer Valiant Game Studio goes on to explain. With hopes that the Linux port “converts to sales”.

Pendula Swing transports players to a unique environment. Since this fantasy version focus on the American Roaring 1920’s. An age of glamour and innovation. But also of dramatic social and political change.
In the city of Duberdon. Elves, goblins, dwarves and orcs co-mingle with humans. Also raising complex social issues. Such as prejudice, racism and stereotypes. Including the gap between wealth and poverty.

Pendula Swing Reveal Trailer (Mac, Windows, then Linux)

Pendula Swing each episode is 40-60 minutes of gameplay. Similar to a television series. Taking place in a beautiful art deco style made popular in the 1920’s. The first episode is available for free. Also an episodic point and click adventure game.

While the Full Season will includes 7 episodes. Each available one by one for $2.99-$4.99 USD / EUR.

The fourth instalment is called “No Silver Spoons”. Also the latest episode, available on February 28, 2019. As a DLC for $4.99 USD / $4.50 EUR. Check out the Episode 4 Steam store page available here.

So make sure to Wishlist Pendula Swing on Steam. The games available for Mac and Windows. Hopefully with enough support we will have a Linux port.

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