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Peppy’s Adventure now offers Time Rewind

peppy’s adventure action puzzle game now offers time rewind on linux mac windows pc

Peppy’s Adventure action puzzle game now offers Time Rewind on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Pepite Studios. Available with a discount on Steam and Humble Store.

Independent development studio Pepite Studios is eager to announce that Peppy’s Adventure has received an update. This now adds a Time Rewind feature to the core gameplay.

The Time Rewind mechanic is bringing more flexibility to the Peppy’s Adventure gameplay. Since this allows players to undo previous moves up to 10 seconds. While adding a fun and interesting aspect of gameplay. As well as making the game more accessible to some players.

In order to keep true to the original gameplay of Peppy’s Adventure as a super challenging game. Continuing to mix puzzles with a die and retry mechanic. Using the Time Rewind feature will not prevent the time count to keep running forward. But it will therefore impact the players’ score. In addition, the feature is disabled for some special levels, boss fights, and time-attack mode.

Peppy’s Adventure – Trailer Update – Release date

“We believe we found a good compromise that will always keep skilled players more rewarded. But at the same time allow casual players to have a better experience discovering the game. We cannot wait to get feedback from the community!”

Peppy’s Adventure is a 1-screen, top-down, action puzzle game. While controls use directional inputs only. You control Peppy, a bun-shaped bunny, on his journey to rescue the village younglings from the clutches of the Hooded Fox. As you pursue his airship, you will have to solve your way through short challenging levels. Doing so as fast as possible facing an army of reckless foxes.

Peppy’s Adventure action puzzle game will offer a 25% discount during the Steam Winter sale and Humble Store. Dropping the price Due is due to $8.99 USD / £6.96 / 7,49€. Due to end on January 5th 2022. To celebrate, an exclusive skin will be granted to anyone playing the game during the sale period. Along with continuing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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