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Peppy’s Adventure action puzzle game hits Steam

peppy’s adventure action puzzle game hits steam for linux mac and windows pc

Peppy’s Adventure action puzzle game releases on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to indie development studio Pepite Studios SAS. Who are eager to announce that its debut title with a discount on Steam.

Peppy’s Adventure is a challenging 1-screen, top down, action puzzle game. All controlled with directional inputs only. You play as Peppy, a bun shaped bunny, on a journey to rescue the village younglings. Doing so from the clutches of the Hooded Fox. All while you pursue his airship from world to world. On your way, you will have to solve short challenging levels. Going as fast as possible facing an army of reckless foxes.

Peppy is controlled in a grid based pattern. Where players will have to use precise inputs and fast thinking to progress. With a fast paced die and retry mechanics, Peppy’s Adventure motivates players. Since you have to test different ways to solve levels. This means maneuvering the foxes and taking risks in order to optimize their records.

Peppy’s Adventure – Trailer

Peppy’s Adventure is mixing retro gameplay and 16-bits. Due to an inspiring soundtrack with original sharp sprite based graphics. A colorful palette and simple 2D animated elements. There are multi themed tilesets similar to retro console games.


  • 1-screen and grid based movement and challenging action puzzles
  • Different ways to solve puzzles depending on your skills. Along with taking risks which can also be rewarding
  • Easy controls in 4 directions. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve without action buttons
  • Experiment on how to maneuver foxes to your advantage
  • 126 unique levels across 6 worlds in Peppy’s Adventure. While offering specific characteristics and power ups
  • Unlock special levels, bosses, rewards and secrets
  • Die and retry mechanics. Which allows to quick restart a level until you master it
  • Per-level replay feature to help you improve your records. So you can share your gameplay videos with the community
  • Can you top the 4-stars staff records?

Peppy’s Adventure action puzzle game releases on Steam. This also includes builds for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC builds. Not to mention a 10% launch week discount, dropping the price to $10.79 USD. Which is due to end on September 27th.

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