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Perception adventure horror game now on Kickstarter from former BioShock developer

Former #BioShock #developer Bill Gardner spent 12 years at Irrational Games, leading the design on some of the titles’ most impressive locations: Welcome to Rapture, the Medical Pavilion and Fort Frolic. Now an indie developer behind #TheDeepEndGames, Gardner launched his own Kickstarter campaign for a project called Perception. Set with a $150,000 funding goal and using Unreal Engine 4. This an adventure game that brings together the horror and mystery aspects of the BioShock series with the likes of Gone Home‘s first-person adventure.

The main character, a 29-year-old woman named Cassie Thornton, does not come with an arsenal of weapons, but her wit, cane and smart phone. Using these tools to find clues to unravel the history of the mansion and navigating her her way by echolocation. Every sound creates an outline of the environment as it ripples away from its source. But the house and has a deadly “Presence”, which goes to great lengths to prevent her from deciphering its secrets.


Making her way through the mansion called Echo Bluff in Gloucester, Mass. The “presence” is constantly surrounded by moths, schizophrenic, sometimes sounding like a man, other times a woman, buts always searching for Cassie. Every sound from the walking stick creates a visualization and illuminates the world around you.

Serving as creative director on Perception, Gardner already has a team of developers committed to working on the project. A list that includes former BioShock team Jim Bonney, Kirk Bezio, Robb Waters, Hung Nguyen, John Malaska, Justin Sonnekalb, and Jed Wahl, as well as Ben Johnson (The Godfather and Dead Space). Along with Desiree Fernandes a freelance artist and wife and fantasy novelist Amanda Gardner. Special effects are handled by studio FXVille, Inc., who will help in the games production.



The studio has been working on Perception for about six months now, with Gardner self-funding the development. With the possibility of virtual reality headsets, since Gardner believes Perception “could be exceptional on VR.”
The team is asking for $150,000 on Kickstarter to develop Perception for a June 2016 release on Windows PC. While Linux and Mac versions will take place once the $175,000 stretch goal is achieved.


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