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Percival seventh update for Albion Online

percival the games seventh update for albion online linux mac windows pc

Percival is the games seventh update for Albion Online on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing development of Sandbox Interactive. Who also announce the next update for the sandbox MMORPG.

Percival, the seventh major post release content update. This is coming for Albion Onlinee on July 10, 2019. The update also brings a long requested Solo Randomized Dungeons. New major customisation and vanity options. Both for characters and mounts.
With upgrades for personal banks. Also new mobs, skills and more. You can check out the update preview in the video below.

Albion Online | Solo Randomized Dungeons (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

The next step in Albion Online’s open world expansion is coming. Percival brings Randomized Dungeons for solo players. Which is a welcoming addition. While you face off against a host of fearsome new creatures. Using dungeon maps to unlock higher tier solo dungeons. Which also includes challenging foes and epic loot rewards. Taking roughly 10 minutes to complete each one.

Percival Features:

  • Solo Randomized Dungeons – These all new dungeons balanced for solo players. Spawning via randomized portals throughout the world. While offering access to an endless variety of settings. Ranging for each major mob faction.
  • Mount Skins – This is a new system in Percival. Allowing players to unlock permanent appearance changing options. Doing so for a large range of mounts. From standards like horses and oxen. All the way up to exotic and collectable mounts.
  • Customization Options – Players can now choose from dozens of options. Ranging from hair, beard, face, and underwear options. And can also streamline their personal banks. Including new tabs and an increase in size.
  • New Mobs – Percival brings a host of new creatures. With a wide range of never before seen spells and abilities. While including all new trap and nest type enemies. To hopefully liven up the battlefield.
  • New Abilities for Player Weapons – New spells and abilities have been added. Also a diverse array of weapons. While adding increased options and depth. Giving you a wide variety of combat builds.

Mount skins allow you to unlock permanent appearance options. While giving you a large range of standard and exotic mounts.

New Mobs and Skills
Percival brings newly designed mobs. Also a wide range of never before seen spells. Including new abilities at their disposal. While including a diverse array of player weapons.

For more details, visit the games official page for the Percival Update.

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