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Perseverance: Complete Edition out soon

perseverance: complete edition horror visual novel game coming to linux via steam deck and windows pc

Perseverance: Complete Edition horror visual novel game coming to Linux via Steam Deck and Windows PC. Thanks to further details from publisher Feardemic Games. Which is actually available now on Steam.

The recent release lets players take on the ultimate Perseverance experience. The Perseverance: Complete Edition bundles Perseverance: Part 1, 2, and 3 into one full package. Which is available now. So you can guide Jack and Karen through the trials and pains of small-town drama. Along with a zombie apocalypse.

Along with the Perseverance: Complete Edition bundle, there is hope for Linux.

Steam Deck – yep, the games (Perseverance 1, Perseverance 2 & Perseverance 3) are in Valve’s review now.

According to the email from Feardemic, “we do not have plans for that release yet.” However, since Perseverance: Complete Edition games are developed in Unity 3D, there is a focus on Steam Deck. Which is what the publisher is currently waiting on now, to be Steam Deck Verified. Personally, this would also be the perfect chance to offer a native Linux build. Especially since the Steam reviews range between 83% – 87%.

Perseverance: Complete Edition | Trailer

Perseverance: Complete Edition is a series of horror and crime thriller visual novels. These all take inspiration from stories like “Night of the Living Dead” and “28 Days Later”. Also, “Blindness”, “Revivals” and most of all – “The Walking Dead”. While you take on the stories of Jack and Karen. Going from the beginning to the explosive conclusion.

Will you be able to work through the drama and relations between citizens of Grey Ville? Due to putting grudges aside to survive the zombie apocalypse. Only one way to find out.

Perseverance: Complete Edition horror visual novel game series on Steam. Priced at $15.98 USD / £13.17 / 14,90€, including the 20% discount. Along with support for Linux via Proton and Windows PC. Thanks to Feardemic, the game series is now awaiting to be Steam Deck Verified.

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