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Petrol Blood action driving to see a native port

petrol blood action driving game announced for windows pc with a linux port

Petrol Blood action driving game announced for Windows PC but also coming with a Linux port. Thanks to Polish developer Swimming Scorpions. The games is due to arrive in the new year via Steam.

Petrol Blood is an action driving game with stealth mechanics. Which also takes place in an alternative version of Cold War Eastern Europe. The game will be available for Windows PC in fall 2021. But according to developer Swimming Scorpions, Linux as well.

Engine we are using is Unity. We have a Linux port planned.

So first off, Swimming Scorpions are searching for a publisher. Therefore, a Linux port is in the mix but not priority quite yet. However, the game is due to release later in 2021. Which obviously gives the developers time to sort things out. But the use of Unity 3D is certianly a good sign for support.

Petrol Blood First Gameplay Trailer

Petrol Blood is set in another version of the 1980’s Eastern Bloc. The dictating Party is stronger than ever and oppresses its citizens. So now law enforcement is both brutal and terrorizes people. So now two playable expert drivers emerge. A young punk who rebels against the regime and destroys government property. Plus an efficient special agent with a trunk full of gadgets. Giving players the chance to race with strong characters. Complete with unique stealth elements and vehicular boss fights. Switch between stunt filled chases. Or a quiet and sneaky approach to reach your goals.

The physics defying cars stunts are inspired by movies like “Fast & Furious” and “Baby Driver”. While combing the setting and charming recreation of Cold War Eastern Europe. Petrol Blood takes you on a wild ride through the off road countryside of Poland. So you can race on the cobblestone boulevards of Prague. Even the grim and gritty urban landscape of East Berlin.

Petrol Blood is a political and social story of our land”, says Maciej Machowicz, Creative Director at Swimming Scorpions. “As a small studio located in Poland. We want to create the realities of the Soviet influenced era from our own perspective. We decided to place it side by side with action oriented gameplay. And powerful characters to provide a commentary. Plus a way of coping with the gruesome totalitarian environment.”

Petrol Blood action driving game is due to arrive in fall 2021. Coming to both Windows PC but due to make its way onto Linux. You can Wishlist the game on Steam now.

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