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Pharaohs of the Nile launches for Old World

pharaohs of the nile launches for old world grand strategy sim game on linux mac windows pc

Pharaohs of the Nile launches for Old World grand strategy sim game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to Mohawk Games’ brilliant creativity, we have something special to explore. Available on both Steam and GOG with a discount and Positive reviews.

Stepping into the shoes of ancient rulers and witnessing the epic tales of old. Let’s dive into what’s fresh on the scene for Old World, a popular strategy game for Linux.

Introducing the Pharaohs of the Nile expansion! This is no ordinary addition; it’s due to launch you into fascinating stories and elements. Perfect for history fans and those who just appreciate a good story. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Journey through Time: the Pharaohs of the Nile expansion offers six unique scenarios. Each one is a chapter in the vast saga of ancient Egypt. You’ll witness the ebbs and flows of this remarkable civilization. Complete with its characters and perhaps some legendary twists.

Rise of Kush: In the sandbox mode – think of it as a free play where you make your destiny – you can also step into the role of Kush. This isn’t just any kingdom; Kush emerged as a powerful entity after a major historical shake-up in the 8th century BCE.

Languages Galore: No worries about language barriers. Whether you’re fluent in German, French, or even Japanese, the Pharaohs of the Nile expansion has support. It’s available in multiple languages, due to ensure players worldwide can enjoy the story.

Old World – Pharaohs of the Nile DLC Trailer

Conquests and Legacy: Starting as a humble regional force, you have the chance to shape history. Challenge formidable opponents like the Hyksos and Kerma and etch your name into the annals of time. Doing so creating grand structures like the Temple of Karnak.

Religious Revolution: Ever heard of the world’s first monotheistic belief? Dive deep into a time when there was a tussle between old deities and a new singular god. It’s not just about armies, but also a battle of beliefs.

Epic Battles Await: Pharaohs of the Nile lets you engage in some of the most iconic battles of the past. Such as the Battle of Qadesh. Feel the rush as you command armies and chariots against the mighty Hittites.

Finding Balance: With the Pharaohs of the Nile expansion, you’ll discover the concept of Ma’at – an ancient Egyptian principle of balance. As the religious leaders gain influence, your challenge will be to maintain harmony in the land.

Mysterious Threats: Finally, brace yourself against the Sea People, a mysterious force that poses a big challenge. This age-old puzzle will test your strategic skills.

Available on both Steam and GOG. The Pharaohs of the Nile expansion is a ticket to ancient times, waiting for you to rewrite history. So, if you’re up for an adventurous trip back in time, this one’s definitely worth checking out on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $8.99 USD / £8.09 / 8,99€, including the 10% launch discount.

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