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Phase Wars real-time multiplayer PVP action launches Kickstarter

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Developed by #NetherWindGames for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, Phase Wars is a multiplayer online #arena #game that allows players to fight competitively in realtime #skillbased combat. Much like an RPG, you will level your character and unlock skill trees, weapons, and armor. Headlining different features from a list of genres including FPS and MMORPG. Mass Customization, Character Progression, Social systems, Extensive Stat Tracking, Clans, and Tournament Modes will be some of the prime features of Phase Wars. It is all about multiplayer arcade combat that anyone can play, and some will master.

Phase Wars  multiplayer PVP action game for Windows Linux Mac Android iOS

Phase Wars takes place in a future world called Gliese where a war has raged on for hundreds of years. Humans colonized Gliese as a way to expand into the universe and explore a new world. After 500 years of flourished life on Gliese the humans were attacked. Phase Wars takes place 300 years after the initial battle when the Fengrin came home and fought for what was rightfully theirs.
In this environment there will be many different abilities, perks, and power-ups to upgrade your character for different play styles within multiple load outs. A player will be able to have three abilities at any time in their load out, which can be used on the run during game. Along with the capability of setting the abilities however they want to adjust to the game mode chosen before each game.


  • Live Action Gameplay- Experience fast action-packed gameplay that will keep your heart racing until either you or your enemy drops to the ground.
  • Customization Galore- Full customization of armor, weapons, titles, and emblems. Make your character who you want them to be and play your way.
  • Progression System- Phase Wars has a FPS/MMO Hybrid style progression system allowing for a unique way to level, as well as, Stat and Item Level Progression towards new PVP Brackets to reap bigger more bad-ass rewards!
  • True Open Class Skill System- A true 100% open class skill system allowing for any player to play anyway they want too. Play however you want the choice is up too.
  • Loadouts- Adjust your load-outs for different styles of play. Play as a healer, tank, glass cannon, speed demon, or anything you can think of from game to game without having to respec.
  • Stats, Stats, and more Stats- Stat tracking in all aspects including game modes, Kill/death Ratios, Win/Loss Ratios, and much much more.
  • Friends, Clans, Rivals- Play with your friends and set up teams, battle rivals and send out challenges, and join a clan for clan wars; it is all in Phase Wars.
  • Free 2 Play (NO PAY TO WIN)- All game play features are 100% free in Phase Wars. The things that are available for purchase are purely aesthetic, other than the Gauntlet which will be gone more into at a later time. (Guaranteed it is not pay to win)

At launch the game will feature three different skill trees with over 10 abilities in each. The three different trees will be Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. Every level a player attains will grant skill points, as well as, gear or other items. All abilities on the skill tree will be available right at the beginning of the game, only the skill points to unlock them will be necessary. This means a player can save points and unlock the most devastating abilities soon as they please. This is good if you want power, but as is assumed the most devastating also comes with the longest cool down and the chance that you will be countered.

Game modes

Different game modes included will be: Team Death Match, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Hold the Inhibitor, and King of the Hill. Each mode will have its own leaderboard. And as the player base grows, more game modes will be added. Giving gamers more than enough choices in game types, but limiting the amount at launch to keep matchmaking wait times to a minimum.

Now, if you watched the video above you may have heard the word “Gauntlet”. In this mode there are weekly tournaments that have their own dedicated leaderboards, prizes, and rule sets. Each week the Gauntlet will reset allowing for players to hop back in and battle for the top of the leaderboards and for the Snazzy Prizes. So dominate the leaderboards, earn impressive titles, badass skins, and the ultimate respect. Better get ready then, it is coming.

Phase Wars  multiplayer PVP action game for Windows Linux Mac Android iOS


Customization is a great feature that we have enjoyed in any game that has implemented is correctly. We want to allow players to make their character look any way they want. It is post-apocalyptic Gliese, and well we have everything earth has. If you want to dress like a ballerina with a gas mask, a samurai warrior, a ninja, or anything else we are sure that they were in Gliese before the attack so you are able to dress that way. Character customization will be vast and there is the ability to reskin and piece together any armor you can think of. This allows for you to gain the armor with the stats you want through quests, challenges, or in game currency, and then reskin it to how ever you like.
There are dedicated armor sets in the game that are unable to be reforged. They are the best of the best and take time to acquire. When you see someone running towards you in one of these armors, it is expected that they are pretty good.

When looking at Phase Wars as a whole, the scope of the project is quite large. There are a lot of working pieces and only a few people to conquer them. NetherWind Games want to make sure that every asset, script, and model is backed up many times over. But the project will push on through the problems.

You can see far more details and informations for Phase Wars on the official Kickstarter page.

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