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Phoenix Point Backer Build Two countdown is on

phoenix point backer build two countdown is on for linux mac windows

Phoenix Point is the new strategy game for Linux, Mac and Windows and Backer Build Two has a release date. Scheduled for delivery on July 3rd. So if you’re already have your preorder in, you’re in luck.

Therefore if you are a customer who has purchased the Luxury Digital Edition or above. Or also the Digital Extras Edition for Fig backers. Than you are in luck. And look for an email from Xsolla. These coming versions will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Phoenix Point for those who do not know is a strategy game from the creator of the original X-COM series. Which features turn based tactics and world based strategy. While you fight against a terrifying, alien menace.

Backer Build Two

So Backer Build Two is currently undergoing rigorous testing. The following list of features coming for Backer Build Two but are also subject to change.

The Technician
Something which many people have been waiting for is the addition of the fourth class, the Technician.

The Technician comes with his own set of skills and abilities. The standard equipment is an Assault Rifle (which means he can return fire), a grenade and his Mech Arms.

The Mech Arms allow the Technician not only to heal injured team mates. But also to repair damaged limbs. These can also be used to deliver a brutal melee range attack on an enemy that will also stun them. Plus a deployable turret.

Once deployed, the turret acts as a static weapon platform armed with a PDW. As an agile weapon, this also allows the turret to return fire. You can also drop the PDW, which can then be picked up and used by other units.

Phoenix Point Narrated Demo Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Armadillo
Next up with have the New Jericho APC – the Armadillo. The first drivable vehicle to be included in Phoenix Point.

In order to use the Armadillo you must first get one of your squad inside to drive the unit. This is done via the access hatch on the rear of the vehicle. With room to carry extra squad members too.

The Armadillo has a large movement range. And can drive cleanly through most obstacles. It’s a large unit though, measuring 3×3 tiles. So be mindful of where you are trying to go.

Armed with a roof mounted turret, the Armadillo is capable of taking targets down at range. While lacking the armor shredding capability of the Heavy’s LMG. It has unlimited ammo. Capable of unleashing a devastating ram attack. Flattening several enemies at once. Travelling at high speed, make sure to choose your path carefully.

The vehicles in Phoenix Point have a lot of armor and health. But they can sustain damage. The Technician has you covered. And remember, since you can adapt, does does the enemy.

The aiming system also gets and update. Giving you more information about the damage your shots are likely to do. This also includes disabling a body part.

The options menu now has a checkbox to enable the free camera. This also means 2 new base maps for the procedural generation system.

Okay, so you missed the Fig campaign. You can still jump into the mayhem via the official website. Which means investing in that $50 USD edition or above.

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