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Phoenix Point “withdraw” of native support

phoenix point withdraw of linux support but not mac windows

Phoenix Point now withdraw their support for Linux. While also announcing news about the games Backer Build Three coming November 12th. Developer Snapshot Games are taking the time to cancel one of the campaigns platforms.

So one of these features is cancelling Linux support for Phoenix Point. Not the news I would expect while putting the finishing touches on Backer Build Three. As a result, we have the latest announcement from the games website.

Withdraw of Linux Support:

We have taken the difficult decision to withdraw support for Linux at this time for the following reasons:

Linux requires a large amount of specialised graphics programming as it uses OpenGL as opposed to DirectX on Windows.

As driver support for Linux is not as comprehensive as for Windows and Mac, we would be required to make a number of adaptations to graphical shaders for them to work correctly.

In order to release on Linux we have to build and test many different distributions, each with their own set of complications and adaptations required. As of this time we do not have the studio resources to adequately create and test all of these.

We also have other issues such as complications with input devices, especially game controllers along with some Linux specific Unity bugs, such as not being able to correctly render the video player.

We would still like to support Linux and we will re-evaluate the possibility of a Linux release in the future.

This whole situation reminds of the the Pillars of Eternity developers talking native support. Since there are some issues with the Unity 3D engine and importing content from third party applications.

So I take the above announcement is an excuse. Since I am also a Fig campaign backer for Phoenix Point. Which eludes me to the fact that maybe Snapshot Games Inc. expect to have a one click port? Rather than establish a development team that can also fulfil campaign platform support.

Since the campaign for a Julian Gollop title created a lot of hype for the game. Which exceeded the $500,000 USD, bringing in $765,948 USD. The full release is coming in June 2019. While there is a slight chance that “we would still like to support Linux.”

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