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Pictopix gets Twitch and Discord Integration

pictopix gets twitch and discord integration linux mac windows

Pictopix now has Twitch and Discord Integration across Linux, Mac and Windows. The puzzle game continues to have 94% Very Positive reviews on Steam. So these latest additions give even more functionality to the game.

So Pictopix has a new update with some special features. Here’s what you’ll find in this new version of Pictopix:

  • Twitch Integration
  • Discord Support
  • Steam Chat Support

Also, check out the Steam post for the full details for chat commands.

Twitch Integration

When the streamers enable this feature, the viewers can interact with the game by typing commands to the Twitch chat!

For example, if a viewer wants to fill the square at coordinates B 4, he just types “!fill B4”. The proposal will be displayed on game screen. The streamer can check the proposal before validating or discarding it.

The streamer can also activate an “Autoplay” option and the most submitted actions will be played automatically after a certain period of time!
Streamers can enable Twitch Integration in the game options.

Pictopix – Spring Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


I’ve added Rich Presence suppport to Discord. Now you can see which game mode your friends are playing. If one of them is playing Challenge Mode for example, you can join him to try to break his record!

Feel to join the Pictopix Discord if you want to discuss the game.

Steam Chat

As in Discord, you can see which game mode your friends are playing. As usual there are also many fixes and improvement since the last update. Take a look at the changelog (version 1.3.2) to check them out.

Pictopix is available right now with a 28% discount on Steam and Humble Store. So that brings the price down from $6.99 USD to $5.03 USD. Not a bad savings.

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