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Pictopix Spring Update and 2 new game modes

pictopix puzzle spring update and 2 new game modes on linux mac windows

Pictopix Spring Update issues 2 new games modes across Linux, Mac and Windows.

So, here’s what you’ll find in this new version of Pictopix:

  • 2 new game modes: Endless mode and Challenges Mode
  • new Achievements

Pictopix – Spring Update and 2 new game modes (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Pictopix is a puzzle game where you use logic to color squares on grids in order to reveal pictures. Since it is easy to learn and very addictive. The game starts with small grids and ends with much bigger grids.

But also includes over 200 colored puzzles. A shuffle mode and a puzzle editor, Pictopix will bring you hours of fun!

Endless mode

So in this game mode the grids are generated at random. Choose the size of the grids you want to have and define other parameters. If you prefer square grids of which the size is a multiple of 5, it’s also possible. You can therefore customize your puzzle as you wish.
While an abstract image will be shown at the end of each puzzle. Which also includes different colors. If you want to practice or just do a quick puzzle in Pictopix. Endless mode is a good addition to the puzzles created by the players in the Workshop.

Challenges mode

If what you like is solving puzzles as quickly as possible. Challenges mode is made for you!
Different challenges are presented, notably against the clock. So you have to solve a series of four 5×5 puzzles as quickly as possible.
Since your time will be saved in a leaderboard. Not only can you compare your times with other players but also watch their game. Due the challenges are renewed every half hour and the leaderboards are stocked for 24 hours. As of now there are 4 Time Trials challenges!

Pictopix is also available right now with a 25% discount on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $5.24 USD until May 31st for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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