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Pier of the Unknown DLC to release soon

pier of the unknown the first major game dlc for cassette beasts is due to release soon on linux steam deck windows pc

Pier of the Unknown the first major game DLC for Cassette Beasts is due to release soon on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing work and effort from developer Bytten Studio. Due to make its debut on Steam.

Cassette Beasts is an open-world role-playing adventure where players can collect and transform into a wide range of fantastic creatures. All due to engage in turn-based battles with new content in Pier of the Unknown. If you’re familiar with games where you capture creatures and have them battle for you, think of it like that. These creatures come from cassette tapes. Yes, the same ones your parents might have listened to music on.

Now, for fans who have been eagerly traversing the world of New Wirral, there’s some exciting news. Bytten Studio, the developer behind game, have paired up with Raw Fury to deliver the Pier of the Unknown DLC.

The DLC adds new content to the existing world. And this Pier of the Unknown DLC promises to be exciting. Coming October 4th, 2023, for Linux and Windows PC. Since this expansion will deepen your adventure on Linux and Steam Deck.

Brightside Pier is the setting for the Pier of the Unknown DLC, once bustling with life. But has since been forgotten and taken over by nature. It’s got a spooky carnival theme, and within its attractions, you’ll find new mysteries and stories. This isn’t just a casual stroll on the beach; it’s also full of suspense and anticipation.

Cassette Beasts | Pier of the Unknown DLC Trailer

And for the collectors out there, prepare to be thrilled. This Pier of the Unknown DLC introduces 12 never seen before creatures. With these new additions, your collection potential shoots up to 141 unique creatures. You can also mix and match them to create fusions. Simple math here: with 141 creatures, you can craft a whopping 19,881 unique fusions. The combinations are nearly endless, and the strategies you can come up with are mind boggling.

Additionally, the Pier of the Unknown DLC brings a fashion element, letting you spice up your avatar with five fresh costume choices. The new content is expected to add between 4-10 hours of exploration. That all depends on how you approach it.

Earlier, the developers release a free update titled “Catacombs”. Adding a new location, the Abandoned Mine, along with eight additional creatures, plus 10 innovative moves for battles. While the Pier of the Unknown DLC will take things even further.

And for those that to share their games with friends, Bytten Studio has something exciting in the pipeline. They’ve teased an online multiplayer feature, so that up to eight players can join forces. Due to trade, challenge each other, and unite for large scale battles.

Cassette Beasts is an imaginative adventure taking place on the island of New Wirral. Where cassette tapes are your gateway to amazing changes. Dive in, explore, fuse, and experience a story like no other. And with the upcoming Pier of the Unknown DLC, there’s even more to look forward to on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Due to be priced at $6.99 USD / 6.89€ / £5.89 on on Steam. Releasing on October 4th, 2023.

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