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Pier of the Unknown – first major DLC is out

pier of the unknown first major game dlc launches for cassette beasts on linux steam deck windows pc

Pier of the Unknown first major game DLC launches for Cassette Beasts on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Bytten Studio continues to impress with their amazing talent and creativity. Available now on Steam with 95% Positive reviews.

Developed by Bytten Studio and launched under Raw Fury’s banner, Pier of the Unknown is not just an addition but a doorway into an exciting realm within the unique world of Cassette Beasts. As the Halloween season approaches, this new content brings in a haunting vibe perfect for the season on Linux and Steam Deck.

Discover the Brightside Pier: Dive deep into Brightside Pier – an amusement park that was once bustling with life but is now left forgotten, nature taking over its once-lively spots. Picture a park full of roller coasters and stalls, now silent and mysterious, with secrets waiting for you to find. The Pier of the Unknown story pulls you into its heart. And as you venture further, you’ll be greeted with surprises and challenges.

Monstrous Additions: Remember those monster collecting adventures you loved? In Pier of the Unknown, you get 12 brand new monsters. Only in Brightside Pier can you find them. This addition boosts the total count to 141 unique creatures. Do the math, and that allows a whopping 19,881 fusion combinations for your team. Fusion – since you can combine creatures and get an entirely new one, with shared abilities and attributes.

Cassette Beasts | Pier of the Unknown DLC

Features that Stand Out:

  • Dive into a brand new Pier of the Unknown story line, full of suspense and thrills.
  • Brightside Pier is not just about one location; there are three individual carnival themed areas to explore.
  • You’re not just battling with monsters; you’re also getting stylish with five new character costume options.
  • Expect around 4-5 hours of fresh content, due to add more layers to the original game.

The Essence of Cassette Beasts: Situated on New Wirral – a remote island, here’s the catch: people have the power to transform into weird yet fascinating creatures, using cassette tapes. Think of Pier of the Unknown. While you explore, you come across these creatures, and you can record their essence. They’re not just for show; you also use their abilities in strategic battles. Fusion adds a layer of strategy: combine two creatures and harness their blended strengths.

So, if you’re someone who likes a mix of exploration, strategy, and mystery, Pier of the Unknown is something you might want to dive into. It’s also the first major for the game. And if you want to experience the DLC, launching on Steam. Priced at $6.99 USD / £5.89 / 6,89€ for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC.
The base game is priced at $14.99 USD / £12.56 / 14,99€ with a 25% discount on Steam. Regular price on Humble Store.

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