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Pier Solar HD Has Reached Its Kickstarter Goal

The project is now definite, and is now going after stretch goals.


The previously reported homebrew, old school JPRG for the Mega Drive/Genesis that had aspirations to become a homebrew, old school JRGP for Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, and Dreamcast is going to happen after-all. The Pier Solar HD Kickstarter has just reached its goal of $139.000. So what’s next?

To see if it can raise even more money, naturally. Stretch goals have just been revealed by its team, and the very first one, a Japanese translation, has already been met. It was set at $145,000 (the current total is close to $148,000 as of this writing).

Next, at the $150,000 is Dreamcast Extras, which would include 16×9 support, VMU integration, VGA support, plus anything else that the team can think of.

If that’s met, there’s the $160,000 mark, which is the Pier Solar HD Directors Cut goal. It would include all the stuff that were left of out the original version due to technical limitations of Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges. Including side quests, mini games, and music.

After that is the $170,000 mark, which is Pier Solar HD (presumably the Directors Cut will be the new default version) for Android and the OUYA. And final stretch goal is perhaps the most exciting one: if $200,000 is raised, they will be able to develop the game for the Wii U.

And with six days left on the clock, all that is certainly within the realm of possibility.

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