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Pile Up a coop 3D platforming adventure

pile up a coop 3D platforming adventure for linux windows pc

Pile Up is a new couch coop 3D platforming adventure for Windows PC, but shows hints of Linux too. Thanks to a recent reply from developer Seed by Seed. Due to release on Steam in 2020.

Pile Up is a 1-to-4 player couch coop 3D platforming adventure. With a primary focus on friends and family. And since this is a game where you can jump on each other. This is how you explore the cardboard world together. You will each use items along the way to build crazy piles. Another one of those games that’s silly enough to be good.

Linux Support:

We are using Unity.
Anyway, if we have the time to make a port (which, to be honest, would be very surprising). We’ll try to make one.

Seed by Seed also state that Pile Up is not originally planned for Linux. Since the team is busy developing for Windows PC. And it comes down to time. While maintaining and honing development on one platform. Then, expanding support to Linux. But this will require help and testing. So if you want to get involved, reach out on our Discord.

HandyGames and Seed by Seed will take you on a trip to their cardboard home. Aas you help the Boxlings solve fun environmental puzzles. Which you can either do alone or co-op of up to four players. But do note this is local co-op. The developers have already stated that Remote Play is the workaround.

Pile Up! – Official First Trailer

Since boxes are lightweight and very sturdy. This also allows you to stack them. As Pile Up brings you into the role of a Boxling. So you can experience family friendly co-op adventures. While you unfold mysteries and solve puzzles.
As you progress through quests as a team. You work together and pile your boxes on each other. Reaching the highest positions as you help your other cardboard friends. As you explore a colorful world, amber forests, and vibrant caves. Or challenge your friends in a round of Boxball, Pile of Dunk or Tic Pile Toe.

Pile up ticks all the right boxes as a family friendly coop game. While allowing you to coordinate with friends or rely on your own creativity. Then work your way around the colorful cardboard world.


  • Pile-up on each other!
  • A joyful adventure for 1 to 4 players!
  • Drop-in and out at any time with dynamic challenge rescaling
  • Explore crazy colorful cardboard worlds
  • Mini-games for you to enjoy with your friends!
  • Multiple box-items to try out, easy to learn but hard to master!
  • Unlock even more toys to have fun with!
  • Customize your own Boxling with individual skins

Pile Up! coop 3D platforming adventure developed by French Studio Seed by Seed for PC, Xbox® One, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ and is scheduled to release in 2020.

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