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The Pillars of the Earth – Book 3 hits March 29th

the pillars of the earth book 3 releases march 29th in linux mac windows games

The Pillars of the Earth interactive novel Book 3 is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on March 20th. Since the Second instalment of Daedalic Entertainment’s interactive novel is available.

The Pillars of the Earth Book 2 – Sowing the Wind is available already. While we now ready up for the next chapter of Daedalic Entertainment’s adaptation. Which is the best-selling book series by Ken Follett.
Also, those who purchased Book 1 – From the Ashes will automatically have access to Books 2 and 3 at no additional cost.

The Pillars of the Earth Book 3:

“Will Aliena and Jack be reunited? Can Kingsbridge be restored to its former glory? How will Shiring be freed from the tyranny of William Hamleigh? And will Philip survive Bishops Waleran’s final attempt to wipe him and his friends off the face of the earth?”

Book 3 Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So The Pillars of the Earth is set in 12th century England. A time of political turmoil. But instead of focusing on the kings and queens. This story also provides a look into the lives of those affected by their rulers.
Whether characters are fighting for their next meal. Or to re-establish their family’s ruined reputation. While their fates can turn in an instant when the whims of the powerful change. So this epic tale examines life in medieval England. All through the story of this town and the courageous people fighting for its survival.

The Pillars of the Earth Features:

  • 21 chapters depicting the famous thousand-page novel
  • Interactive storyline events that can change, influencing the fates of its characters
  • Key decision points with meaningful, emotionally-engaging story choices
  • Over 200 hand-painted backgrounds featuring faithful rendition of 12th century life
  • Three playable main protagonists, plus two extra playable characters
  • An orchestral soundtrack by the FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague

Steam, Humble and GOG release:

Also, anyone who has yet to purchase the game may now download the first two Books for or $29.99 USD / €29,99 Euro / £26.99 on Steam and Humble Store. While GOG has a 34% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also provides access to Book 3 – Eye on the Storm later when it releases on March 29th.

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