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Pillars of Eternity expansion confirmed for the upcoming RPG


According to a Pillars of Eternity #AMA, #ObisidianEntertainment’s Adam Brennecke confirmed an expansion is now in the works for the upcoming #RPG.

“We are looking at doing an expansion that’s about the same size (area wise) of Tales of the Sword Coast,”Brennecke wrote on Reddit. “I won’t reveal much about it since it’s early in development, but we’ve already have a small team working on areas and environments while the rest of the team focus on shipping the game. We will be announcing more things about it over the next few months.”

Hopefully the new expansion content will not interfere with the upcoming sequel, Pillars of Eternity 2 confirmed by Polygon last month.

Pillars of Eternity is due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows, March 26. If are looking to pre-order the game, check out the Pillars of Eternity website or Steam.


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