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Pillars of Eternity speedrun takes just under 40 minutes

Pillars of Eternity takes just under 40 minutes to completely according to #speedrunner Jiseed. Relying on a couple of #glitches and exploits that #Obsidian should probably look to patch very soon.

Redditor TheOnin explains:

“Jiseed shows off the latest route, which, while still somewhat unoptimized, just breaks the game to shreds.

Killing off your main character while transitioning areas makes the game replace him with a prebuilt level 7 Cypher, who also knows two debug spells, in the form of unavoidable 20-second stuns (such placeholder, much debug).

Thanks to getting this character immediately, you can buy followers up to level 6 from the first inn, which is enough to get a Rogue with an invisibility skill. Said skill only works in combat, but together with stealth, it’s enough to skip the majority of combat encounters.

The rest of combat is trivialized with the debug stun skill, allowing the rogue to sneak attack, and by resetting the swing timer on a 2-hander by entering and exiting the inventory screen (hence the ‘stutters’).

And of course there is the Defiance Bay sequence break, saving a good 30 minutes by itself.”


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