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The Pillars of the Earth releases from Daedalic

the pillars of the earth releases from daedalic linux mac windows games

Daedalic Entertainment just their highly anticipated interactive novel, The Pillars of the Earth. Since the games now available on Linux, Mac, Windows and Xbox One. An adaption of the best-selling historical book of the same name by Ken Follett. The Pillars of the Earth is a one-of-a-kind 2D interactive novel. Which is one of the more epic releases.

So players follow Jack, Aliena, and Phillip, the games three playable main characters. As they contend with envy, murder and politics in their quest to build a gothic cathedral in Kingsbridge. While trying to revitalize the town economically, socially and politically.
Therefore the game will be released in three “books”. Each consisting of seven chapters. So Book 1 “From the Ashes” is now available. Since players can purchase a season pass. This will automatically give them access to the books 2 and 3 as they become available.

“It was both an honor and challenge adapting such a beloved source material as The Pillars of the Earth. We focused on staying true to the scope and spirit of the story while incorporating the more immersive aspects that the interactive novel format allows.” Matt Kempke, author and game designer. Kevin Mentz, also author and game designer, noted: “Utilizing the interactivity of the game lets us to pull the player into the story and involve them emotionally so the core story beats and decisions feel more impactful and meaningful throughout.”

The Pillars of the Earth Release Trailer:

Such aspirations draw the ire of the the town’s rivals Bishop Waleran and William Hamleigh. Hence the vengeful noble rejected by Aliena. Who see’s the town and its rise to importance as a thorn in their flesh. They want to see Kingsbridge burn. So this epic tale crosses decades and immerses readers in medieval life. Yet enthralls them in tales of heart-rending intimacy and humanity along the way.
The original novel by Ken Follett has sold more than 26 million copies to date.

The Pillars of the Earth Features:

  • 21 chapters depicting the famous thousand-page novel
  • Interactive storyline events that can be changed, influencing the fates of its characters
  • Key decision points with meaningful, emotionally-engaging story choices
  • Over 200 hand-painted backgrounds featuring faithful rendition of 12th century life
  • Three main playable protagonists, plus two extra playable characters
  • An orchestral soundtrack by the FILMharmonic Orchestra, Prague

The Pillars of the Earth releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet available for all platforms via Steam and DRM-Free from GOG.

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