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Pirate Commander survival sandbox means Proton

pirate commander survival sandbox proton support for linux for windows pc

Pirate Commander survival sandbox means Proton support for Linux, and due to arrive on Windows PC. Thanks to developer RockGame S.A.. Which is coming to Steam.

Pirate Commander is survival sandbox game. Where you manage an entire ship as a singe player. So you will have to take care of the crew and their physical and mental health. Including things like food, drinking water, medicine, weapons and ammunition. And it also caught my attention right off. As for Linux support, well….

Unreal Engine 4. Linux will not been included for now.

The “for now” at the end of this statement shows hope from the developer. Since the studio may consider further platforms depending on the Pirate Commander success. Likewise, for demand from the original release, reviews, etc. Which seems to be what is happening now with Linux support. Especially when developed using Unreal Engine 4. Even though the engine itself makes porting to other platforms possible and easier. Wishlist support will certainly show proper Tux Love.

Since Pirate Commander is due to make a release on Steam. That means an open door for the Proton option here. Despite the lack of native port, Steam Play is a successful to-go. Especially for Unreal Engine 4 games. And depending on the launch we could very well see that native build. Depending on the reaction of the community.
The studio also has another similarly developed game coming to Steam, Ninja Simulator. Which looks stunning, focusing more on stealth action as opposed to survival sandbox.

Pirate Commander – Announcement Trailer

In Pirate Commander you will use ports to upgrade and expand your gally. While equipping yourself with better and better ship equipment. Giving your crew what you need to prepare weapons, load cannons, and set up masts. As well as fighting fires, taking care of supplies, and maintain mental health. So this means focusing on proper diet, sleep and entertainment. And of course fighting.
In addition, the game has a manual cannon aiming system. Making fights very satisfying and yet dynamic.

Recruit crewmen among natives, defeated enemies and dock sailors. Explore an open world full of marine mysteries and exotic islands.

Ship steering in a sectional view. So you can see every room and gally element and every crew member. In this view, players can issue orders during and prepare for battles.

Pirate Commander survival sandbox release date is still TBA on Steam. But means Proton support for Linux and due to arrive on Windows PC.
** Make sure to check your Store Preferences by clicking your username in Steam. Then make sure only Linux is selected for Wishlist support.**

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