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Pirated Code: Admin Edition out soon

pirated code: admin edition visual novel game due to release on linux mac windows pc

Pirated Code: Admin Edition visual novel game due to release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is all due to the work of developer Hollowmend. Due to make its way onto Steam next month.

Hollowmend are proud to announce the release of Pirated Code: Admin Edition. Which is a lighthearted and decent visual novel coming November 3rd. A visual novel thrown into intergalactic scenarios. Along with flirty and wholehearted characters who have tough choices to make.

A tsundere AI finds themselves waking up on a ship unsure and missing memories. To their shagrin, it turns out not to be an ordinary ship, but a smuggler’s ship, of all things. So, Seren has no choice but to work alongside these slightly annoying crewmates. Doing so in order to find missing memories that could tell them what their original orders.

Pirated Code: Admin Edition – Trailer

A leap into the future with memories of the past. While you step into a situation that is funny, entertaining, and somewhat mysterious. This interactive visual novel features colorful and expressive characters. While all coming together in a galactic and gripping story. While the player uncover secrets, various endings, and discover unlockable content.

Join Dex and Seren on a journey to discover if Seren was meant to be just a smuggling ship‘s AI or much more than either of them knew.
Pirated Code: Admin Edition is a visual novel that expands the hit game jam game. Doing so with more chapters, more secrets and unlockable content with various story routes. Follow Seren and their story of self discovery aboard Dex’s smuggler ship.


  • Non-linear visual novel set in an intergalactic incident
  • Colorful and expressive drawings and graphics
  • Follow your heart or just be friends in a NB/B story
  • Multiple endings to uncover based on your choices

Pirated Code: Admin Edition visual novel game is due to release on November 3rd via Steam. Due to be priced at $10.99 USD / £9.99 / €10.99. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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