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Pirates of Gravitae roguelike adventure to get a port

pirates of gravitae 2.5d roguelike adventure game due to get a port linux mac windows pc

Pirates of Gravitae 2.5D roguelike adventure game due to get a port for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Innerverse Games. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access in 2022.

Equip fantastic cannons. Train your eclectic crew. Dogfight your way through the Neo Caribbeans. All due to saving the world from falling apart. Pirates of Gravitae is white knuckle 2.5D swashbuckling action. Due to make its way into Early Access for Windows PC in Spring 2022. According to the Innerverse email reply, Linux and even Mac support is coming.

The game has been developed using Unity3D. Currently, the immediate goal is to have a solid Windows build for Early Access in Spring 2022. But following that I will be working on Linux and macOS versions as well.

Pirates of Gravitae is expecting to “stay in Early Access for about a year.” According to the Steam page, the game is already in a stable and playable state. But the Early Access period will help fine tune the singleplayer gameplay. As well as upgrade the campaign. Personally, I would like to see a multiplayer game mode. But first, check out the trailer below.

Pirates of Gravitae Early Access

In a move that will please space-faring scoundrels and salty seadogs both. Innerverse Games announces the dogfighting roguelike Pirates of Gravitae. Which also includes side-scrolling 2D shoot’em ups while arcade style flight sims. Pirates of Gravitae takes the action to new heights with dynamic 3D camera views. You can also expect variable weather and physics style gameplay. The experience comes with a highly replayable run-based campaign. So that players can customize their ships with new weapons, abilities, and perks. Then train crew members for ever more thrilling feats of derring-do.

You can also try the Windows PC Demo via Itch using Wine.

The indie game is the work of solo developer Han Taylan Kadayifcioglu. Whose children were so upset at the lack of rocket propulsion on pirate ships. So they demanded he do something about it. After being laid off from a 4 year long project that got cancelled. Taylan made the uncertain choice to turn the idea into a full out indie game. Pirates of Gravitae has achieved the playable alpha milestone in November 2021. Due to enter Early Access in Spring 2022. Where it will continue to hoard new content and features until release.

Pirates of Gravitae 2.5D roguelike adventure is available to Wishlist on Steam. Due to release on Windows PC in Spring 2022. Followed by Linux and Mac support. Due to be priced around $11.99 USD.

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