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Pit of Evil turn based mystery RPG arrives August 24th

pit of evil turn based mystery rpg arriving on linux mac windows

Pit of Evil turn based mystery RPG arriving on August 24th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which mixes in a JRPG with a Scooby Doo ‘ish type adventure coming to Steam.

So not only will you explore. But players also discover the mysteries of the Pit of Evil. Including the crazy history that it holds.

The story follows Barry and his friends Arlene and Nellie. Just like a movie, they decide to visit the Pit of Evil. Which also happens to be the place where they lost their friend Fynn.

While spending the night in a tent, things take an unexpected turn. Naturally the group gets separated, while Barry suffers the same fate as Fynn. Falling into the Pit of Evil. So not only must Barry survive, but has to regroup with his friends. Escape the pit and also take on boss fights.

Pit of Evil turn based mystery RPG (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Twisted Story with mystery elements
  • Characters that hold deep connections to each other
  • Fast-Paced ATB System (Active Time Battle)
  • Dungeons using puzzle elements
  • Dramatic cut-scenes, including scenes from the past
  • Challenging boss fights, strategic play

A typical JRPG of the Golden Age Area:

  • Story that is easy to understand, but not simple
  • Characters with emotions
  • Dungeons with puzzle elements
  • Towns with shops and people
  • Cutscenes also black-white scenes from the past
  • Encounter battles and challenging boss battles

Frogmouth created this game to be as interesting as possible. Which is not like typical JRPG’s and breaks the typical story mode. Introducing mystery into the gameplay, since players have to locate each other. While taking on boss fights and finding a way out of the Pit of Evil.

Arriving on Steam:

Pit of Evil mystery RPG is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows on August 24th. Will have more details on price and launch details.

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