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Pitbull Studios working with Epic on Unreal Engine 4 and an UE4 game

Tegra-based Android devices get Epic


While a lot of gaming media may not have heard about Pitbull Studio, a game development company in Britain that specializes in getting hired out for specific projects, anyone who owns a Tegra-based Android device should be familiar with the name Pitbull Studio.

Why is that? You should know who they are because they developed the Big Top THD game for Tegra-based Android devices which happens to be a great looking and fun circus themed game. Well it seems they have been hired to help work on Epic’s upcoming newest addition to the Unreal Engine franchise, Unreal Engine 4. On top of being on board helping with the engine’s development but they are also building one of the first games using Unreal Engine 4.



While this new game will almost certainly be console/PC based, one has to keep in mind that, as of right now, Epic has said that the only chip capable running Unreal Engine 4 games well happens to be nVidia’s Kepler GPU, something that is also rumored to be arriving in the Tegra 4 chipset for Android devices. Either way it is pretty great to see Pitbull Studio involved in Unreal Engine 4. Hopefully Unreal Engine 4 will also have more tools for mobile game developers.

Until more details surface about Unreal Engine 4, here are some screenshot of an Unreal Engine 4 demo to drool over.



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