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Pivvot coming to Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on July 14

Now that the word has lost all meaning, let us infuse it with beautiful comprehension: Pivvot is a twitchy, simplistic strategy game in the addictive vein of #SuperHexagon, and it’s due out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on July 14, at a launch #sale price of $4.50. The Steam version includes a local co-op mode and full controller support – upgrades from the mobile editions that launched earlier this year – plus Steam achievements, trading cards, cloud support and leaderboards.

“For the Steam launch, Pivvot includes several new elements such as the ability to play seven of the eight game modes in a local co-op multiplayer setting with up to four players,” the Pivvot press release reads. “While this might suggest a more forgiving version of Pivvot, don’t be fooled. It’s riddled with challenges and hectic gameplay that make for an even more adrenaline-rushing experience.”

Creator Whitaker Trebella announced the date on Twitter, along with the new trailer. This is Trebella’s first game on Steam, and his first launch as a full-time independent developer. To celebrate, he’s giving away at least one ticket for the GDC 2015 Indie Games Summit to an up-and-coming developer: “By sharing a screenshot on Twitter of their Pivvot gameplay with the hashtag #PivvotToGDC between the dates of July 14 and July 21, at least one person will be entered to win.”

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