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Pix the Cat action arcade game now available for Linux and Mac


Developed by the French studio #Pastagames, the creators of Rayman Jungle Run among many others, Pix the Cat has been well received with a positive rating (80% #Metacritic), winning over 1 million players since its #release on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Linux and Mac players are now able to join all these players in this crazily addictive arcade game! And as good news never come alone, the game on a Week Long Deal on Steam with a 20% discount . Offer lasts till Monday, don’t miss that golden opportunity to join the crazy world of Pix the Cat!

Pix the Cat features many different game modes including single and multiplayer modes, some changing the theme and aesthetic. Including Arcade, Nostalgia, Laboratory, and Arena modes, you’ll play as Pix – who plays Pix – heading deeper and deeper into levels upon levels in a Snake-meets-Pac-Man digital world.

Enjoy a kinetic and stylized world within games where, in the arcade mode, your task is to liberate ducklings and trail them to the safe-zones without hitting the walls, getting stuck, or running into your feathered friends, gaining the highest score possible and comparing them on the leaderboards. Completing “achievements” opens up new game modes and unlocks fantastic artwork, hilarious announcer voices and your favorite tunes from the game’s soundtrack! Among other surprising surprises…

Finally, Arena mode pits you against 3 friends in local multiplayer! With two players facing off on the same keyboard, connect additional controllers and blow your enemies to smithereens in epic battles of cats, ducks and eggs.


Pastagames is a small Paris-based video games studio founded in 2000. In its 14 years of existence Pastagames has created a dozen license-driven games (Rayman Jungle Run…) and five Pasta-driven-games (Maestro Jump in Music, Pix’n Love -Rush…).


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