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Pixar releases RenderMan FREE for non-commercial pubic use for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


One of the benefits of running Linux are the #free applications available. Now we have come even further, allowing users to get into the #animation game. Pixar Animation Studios has made their in-house rendering #software FREE to download and use for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

RenderMan was used for all of Pixar’s films in pictures like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it’s now completely free for non-commercial use across all three platforms. And the free version includes all the features of the paid version, with no time limits or watermarks.

The obvious restriction is that it cannot be used in a commercial application. If you make something you do want to profit from, you can pick up the commercial license for the software for $495 (USD).

And just so you know, RenderMan is not a 3D modeling application. Instead, the software smoothes out animation to make it more realistic with interactive lighting and shading. And not only is it used for Pixar films, it’s also the industry standard for special effects.
Now to use it, you will need to create a 3D model or animation to render. RenderMan currently supports Autodesk’s Maya (which has a free trial available for download) and The Foundry’s Katana, both of which are available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

“The latest release of RenderMan is a technological reinvention. It’s the result of focused research and development at both Pixar and Disney, and these advancements are now freely available to the visual effects and animation community through Non-Commercial RenderMan.” said Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. “We look forward to seeing what our users create.”

Pixar has also launched a community site, which allows users to share creations and tips. You can download the free RenderMan here.


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