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Pixeljam Octology Bundle Available for LINUX, MAC, and PC

A pay-what-you-want collection of 8 games, apps and albums from your favorite lo-fi spelunkers, Pixeljam Games. All Games are available for MAC, PC and LINUX.

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Potatoman Seeks the Troof

Potatoman Seeks the Troof is a short-form, story-driven, surreal and challenging adventure for Mac, PC and Linux. In a world where the Troof is always out of grasp, Potatoman quests through the riddle. Across desert wastelands, thick forests, and dystopian cities, nothing is what it seems. With only his wits, his jump, and a question, Potatoman must die a thousand deaths to find the ultimate answer!

Also, please vote up Potatoman on Steam Greenlight.

Dino Run SE

An expanded and enhanced version of the classic multiplayer racing game, and one of the original runners as well! It’s not endless though, thankfully. Outrun the pyroclastic wall of doom along side your friends, eat everything that gets in your way and find your dino sanctuary!

Finally, please vote up DINO RUN SE on Steam Greenlight.

UPDATE : Desura Keys added for Potatoman and Dino Run SE. Vote us up on Steam Greenlight and perhaps one day you can get Steam keys as well

Dino Run: Marathon of Doom

See how long you can last in this epic single-level Dino Run Challenge!

From Linux Game News:

Having purchased the Octology Bundle, there are some amazing games in the mix. Do not let the simple pixel graphics fool you. These games are challenging and they will surprise you. But the offer is only until July 25th.


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