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PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe gets Verified

pixelJunk scrappers deluxe beat ‘em up game is verified for the linux powered steam deck via windows pc

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe beat ‘em up game is Verified for the Linux powered Steam Deck via Windows PC. Which is the result of the work from developer Q-Games, Ltd. Coming soon to Steam.

Independent development studio Q-Games today released a demo for the upcoming party brawler PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe. Due to celebrate the game being Steam Deck Verified. The stylized brawler invites players to take out the trash in up to 4 player co-op action. While mixing in classic side scrolling combat with a trash stacking twist.

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe Steam players can rejoice in fully Steam Deck Verified, with features including:

  • All functionality is available when using the default controller setup
  • Shows Steam Deck controller icons
  • In-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck
  • Default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck

To celebrate, a demo for PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe is available right now on Steam. Play through a range of levels and head straight to Junktown. Where you are due to experience throwing down with your friends online. Right from the comfort of your Steam Deck or Linux PC.

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe Teaser Trailer

The PixelJunk series of games celebrates its 15 year anniversary this year. While Q-Games returns with this fast-paced mix of couch co-op and brawler action in PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe.

Feature Overview:

  • Explore 5 vibrant, uniquely themed areas with over 25 stages
  • Master the art of fast and crazy garbage collecting, either solo or with up to 4 players
  • Supports both Online and Local Co-op Play
  • Multiple fighting styles with a range of melee and ranged weapons
  • A challenging boss across each themed stage
  • Weapon drops also make no two games the same
  • Customize your garbage truck with over 100 unique custom parts
  • Unlock and recruit a range of Scrappers for your roster
  • Test your friends in fun and competitive mini-games
  • Immerse yourself in a pop art cyberpunk world. One that also draws inspiration from real-world Japan

PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe beat ‘em up game is due to launch on Windows PC. But now offers support for the Linux based Steam Deck. Plus its available to Wishlist now on Steam.