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PixlCross puzzle game now on Greenlight

pixlcross puzzle game now on greenlight for linux mac windows pc

#PixlBit Studios #announced their upcoming inaugural title,  PixlCross , for the Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Wii U. Developed over the course of a year, husband and wife indie developers, Nick and Francesca DiMola, are finally ready to reveal their #creation to the gaming world. The game will be available soon as it has just been submitted to Nintendo’s certification process, Lotcheck, and is now available for voting on Steam Greenlight.

PixlCross  is a nonogram-style puzzle game (i.e. Picross) where you use hints to fill in a grid and reveal a hidden picture. Containing more than 150 puzzles across four levels of difficulty, players will start by solving puzzles on simple 5×5 grids, eventually taking on the challenging final puzzles on massive 35×35 grids! Each puzzle, no matter how large, can be solved without guessing – a common frustration for fans of the pen-and-paper puzzles.

Though the game’s puzzles may be large, players need not worry; they will not have to solve them all in one go. After each move,  PixlCross’  auto-save feature records every move, letting players start as many puzzles as they would like! Players can jump back in whenever they are ready. The built in hint system is also available to help players overcome any impediment, making the game as easy or hard as the player wants.

Whether using the GamePad on the Wii U or the mouse on the PC, it is spectacularly simple and intuitive to interact with  PixlCross. Simply slide along the grid to fill in or cross out grid boxes. Boxes count as you fill, pop-out hints eliminate unnecessary scrolling, and the auto-scroll feature makes it even easier to tackle even the toughest challenges!

Whenever players want a break from solving puzzles, they can hop over to the Puzzle Editor and begin creating puzzles of their own! The robust editing tool is the same that was used to make the game, allowing players to create puzzles of the same caliber as the ones available from PixlBit Studios. Furthermore, players can leverage the solver to see if their puzzle can be completed without guessing. Players can connect with the  PixlCross community by sharing their creations or downloading puzzles from other creators for a never-ending  PixlCross  experience.

For more information about PixlCross visit PixlBit Studios, or join the discussion on Facebook or on Twitter @PixlBitStudios and @PixlCross.


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