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Plague Doctor releases with Star Conflict update

plague doctor releases with star conflict curse of the leviathan content update for linux mac windows pc

Plague Doctor releases with Star Conflict Curse of the Leviathan content update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer StarGem Inc. and publisher Gaijin Entertainment who now brings a new ship to Steam.

Announcing the release of the 1.7.4 “Curse of the Leviathan” Content Update. Available now for the online space action Star Conflict. This update brings players to battle in a sector infected by a dark virus. Also, introducing the new Plague Doctor spaceship.

The “Curse of the Leviathan” brawl takes place in the crypt of Leviathan. A giant alien space station with many tech secrets waiting to be salvaged. One of the players becomes infected at the start of the brawl. Then passes the virus to others. While healthy players defend themselves trying to survive until help arrives. This brawl will be available every day up until November 16th.

Star Conflict: Halloween trailer 2020 – Plague Doctor

This pack includes:

  • Jericho interceptor “Plague Doctor” (Jericho rank 13)
  • Coating “Easy target”
  • Decor mask

The “Plague Doctor” once belonged to the Sentinels. There are also a mysterious association of artificial intelligence. The ship has changed quite a bit after a serious illness. Due to an expedition to Leviathan. So from then on the ship’s AI began to respond to the call sign “Plague Doctor”. Now this survivor is looking for the infected everywhere. Since it destroys them on sight. Sadly the ship only helps in spreading the epidemic. Because of the Plague Doctor ability to infect perfectly healthy ships.

Weekend special offer:

  • +50% experience in battle
  • x2 experience transfer rate

Star Conflict is a free to play action packed MMO space simulation game. Which also puts players in the role of elite pilot. Taking on a wide array or battles. For full details of “Curse of the Leviathan” rules and rewards. Check out the official Star Conflict website.

Plague Doctor ship is now available on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But you can also explore the Curse of the Leviathan brawl until November 16th. Most of the DLC’s are discounted 50% on Steam as well.

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