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Planet Explorers 0.72 update for sandbox game

A sizable update to open world sandbox game #PlanetExplorers has added a large multiplayer component, as well as many other pieces of content. This Planet Explorers 0.72 #update should also launch with Mac and Linux builds, beyond the standard PC release.

Most importantly, the new game build adds fully playable multiplayer on a 40 by 40 kilometer random seeding map. This allows for extensive cooperative and competitive gameplay.

More options have also been added to the game’s story line, which takes place amidst the giant open world. New characters can now be found for those who enjoy structure and quests.

Visuals get an update in several ways as well. Blocks have been adjusted, and an addition of more wildlife and pretty grass should liven up the place.

A video was released for the Planet Explorers 0.72 update fix, which came days after the main 0.71 update. It worked out the kinks of added content.

In the clip, we can see just how extensive Planet Explorers can get. From mining to farming and crafting, it’s possible to come up with elaborate constructions.

An action component takes place in a huge environment of rocks and plant life, which can be seen getting daunted by hang-glider or even with jetpacks. Giant monsters can populate the landscape, which will result in tenacious battle.

Players can make use of a multitude of different vehicles and equip different swords, rifles and so on. It’s already come quite far since its conception, and it gets better with each update.

If you need some reference material, think of it as the role playing realm of Phantasy Star Online with the freedom of Minecraft and the insanely huge action of Planetside. You can probably come up with a few more links there.

All these changes have spawned a new Planet Explorers demo, which features about 2 to 3 hours of story gameplay.

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