Planet Nomads hits Early Access [next week]

planet nomads hits early access next week in linux gaming news

What could be better news then constructing your own fate while gaming? Since the the sci-fi sandbox game Planet Nomads is set to #release next week on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So here we are explaining the #game. And yes, we have taken a dip into gameplay, it’s amazing. Sorry, we can’t release further details until May 25th.

So the main character crash-lands, the scientist astronaut determined to beat the odds. Hence the player takes on the roll to build great things. All using the particle-manipulating multitool and enviro-protec suit. Which your primary asset throughout the incredible journey.

While we know that Planet Nomads is a sandbox game of survival via building. Gaming will take players on a journey across believable alien planets in Early Access. These are big, stunning and unforgiving. Since the environment changes as the player travels around the globe. This could be an icy pole, sandy hot equator or everything in between.

Planet Nomads Features

  • Multiple biomes on procedural planets
  • Freedom to build anything block by block
  • Building is a key part of the survival gameplay
  • Impressive wheel and vehicle physics
  • Interplanetary travel will open in stages
  • Building a spaceship will be the first end goal
  • Windows, MAC and Linux

Therefore journey comes complete with awe-inspiring sights and experiences. But it’s also poses a few dangers as well. Since nature alone has it’s threats, there are many beasts and unhealthy conditions. These range from radiation, poison, heat and cold. So players have to seek out sources of food and water to stay healthy.

In order to combat the adversities, players have to be smart and rely on their technology. So rather than solving everything with an ever-more powerful arsenal of guns and weapons. Players should think twice before engaging the armored Godillos. Or even trying to loot animals’ nests for resources. Gaming is about building your own place in the world. While making bold moves into the more dangerous parts. All through careful observations and learning.

So developer Craneballs are design Planet Nomads to gradually expand the game world. Since it make sense to just keep adding new content and mechanics. This makes for some stellar news. Also, make sure to check out the Planet Nomads YouTube channel.

All available for people playing Planet Nomads in Early Access phase. Although I’m keen to how this will work for GOG. Since both GOG and Steam will host the game at release on May 25th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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