Planet Nomads launches 1.0 with a discount

planet nomads launches 1.0 with a discount in linux mac windows pc games

Planet Nomads open world survival launches 1.0 with a discount in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Craneballs. Now after almost 2 years of development version 1.0. Plus the games also discounted on Steam and GOG.

Planet Nomads now puts you in the story. A difficult position. Since its up to you to truly survive the crash landing. Also exploring the surroundings and build a way to work through it.
This story has multiple different endings. Which will uncover a secret of what happened on Anita.

So in order to get through to the end of Planet Nomads. You’ll need to find and scan objects on the planet. This will not be an easy task. Especially with wild animals breathing down your neck. Since weather can be brutal, stopping your progress really fast. But it’s worth the adventure. Facing your fears and working through environment.
How you refine the process management and work to survive is up to you.

Planet Nomads early access trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows PC)


  • Explore a vast, colorful universe unlike anything you have seen before. While visit strange procedurally generated worlds. All with intricate biomes
  • Live the life of a nomad. While beginning your adventure in an unforgiving. Yet fascinating environment
  • Face the dangers of an undiscovered world of Planet Nomads. Don’t get slashed, frozen, eaten, or poisoned
  • Use your imagination and create whatever you want
  • Lego style building on a large scale. So you can build constructions. Which also include resources you gather. And uncover even more useful materials
  • Enhance your tech and master your survivalist nomadic skills to perfection
  • Creating a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel is your first end goal

Planet Nomads open world survival launches version 1.0. Priced at $15.99 USD including the 20% discount. Which is available on both Steam and GOG until May 10th.

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